Players barred from driving to training grounds

By: Jerome Otchere

Date: 14-12-10

Players of Kumasi Asante Kotoko cannot drive their vehicles to the team’s training ground according to a new directive issued by the technical team.
This directive, among others enjoins them to rather drive from their various houses to the Baba Yara Sports Stadium and join the team bus.

Announcing the new directive to the players after last Sunday’s training sessions at the Adako Jachie training grounds, Technical Advisor, Malik Jabir stated that the new order is to help ensure proper bonding amongst the players.

He said it formed part of the team building efforts and added that any player who flouts the new rule would not be allowed to train besides facing other severe sanctions.

“Henceforth no player should drive to the training grounds. You are advised to park yours cars at the stadium or any other place you consider safe but you should not drive to the training ground” said Malik Jabir.

He stressed that severe disciplinary action would be taken against any player whose action contravenes the new rule and continued that no excuse would be taken from any player for driving to the training ground. He was however quick to point out that the technical team was not out to punish them.

“This is not a punishment. You are a team. We want to encourage team work. Football is all about team work. Let me remind all of you that no excuse will be taken” he stated.

As part of the new rules agreed upon by the technical team, players who are sick, injured or suffering from any ill-condition would as well report appropriately to Dr. Kwaku Boateng.

Malik reiterated that under no circumstance would any player be spared for breaking any camp rule. He maintained that the club finds itself in a situation where it can no longer allow players to do what they want.

“We want hard work and togetherness because our team spirit is down. All these are therefore aimed at lifting the team spirit. Let me repeat that this is not to disturb anybody but to help you and the team as a whole”.

While not faulting the import of the new directive, it is important to add that the technical team along with management members who were present at the training ground on Sunday afternoon were not enthused with the fact that as many as eight players were absent with some of them not giving tangible reasons for their absence.

Prince Anokye and Albert Bruce, as per the checks made by this paper, did not show up because of their injuries.

Your comments

ssmodo madina estate
I think the players must work hard and show professionalism what eva they do

Stephen owusu-ansah, OLA Trg, cape coast
I support the management about the decision taken.I would have been happy if the club's bus is used to convey the players from their various houses.

Samuel Anning
Gud idea, gona create sum compativity.

kwadwo Gyimah
Yes it si good idea , lets thanks Malik

Kofi Agyarkoh
I have been always been sayin this,i strongly believe our training facilities in our training grounds shud be enhanced.if we really don't know to go by that lets send some one out to understudy such activities abroad.that will boost the performance of our players, Kotoko

kofi a mainu, laurel maryland
i don't agree with mgnt. Sitting on the team bus to training ground will not necessary bond the playing body. Rules and regulations must be in place when it comes to camping,training and match day.

london.caprice,,,,, accra
i have no problem about that...........thkx mr k k

oheneba darko
i do agree with the management about the decision not to allow any player to use their cars to training that would bring about bonding.also the players needs to buck up play to ensure that we win the league. strikers should also be alert in front of the goal area.please don't transfer Ekow Benson cos he is a very good player.

Dr K.K Sarpong go ahead and make your name with Kotoko and I believe you will be the president of our mother land in future. Someone bet. Fabulous all the way we are in good hands.

paul atta twumasi president knust supporters union
at last my wish has being granted, thanks to Dr k.k for this good initiative but i still want to remind him that some players still have to go....

Edmund, koforidua
I do agree with the management on the measures taken on the players because without decipline you can not archive anything.Any player who feels so big to join the team bus to the training grouds should be find GH¢300.00 May God help us in Jesus name Amen

kwasi owusu
is good for the players and is good for the fans because we can see that things is going to be change for the better keep faith dont give up go go gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kotoko.

michael obeng
That is a very good decision taken. It will make our boys more serious at the training grounds.

Us forlan
Good work Mr Johny but our team bus must go round and pick the players

Emmanuel-Kenneth Goode, Sunyani.
Its a good step taken at a very critical moment. fabu, we shall bounce back in grand style.


Cise kumasi
I do agree with the management but let as try and get our club house so that everything will be oky u see if we have it i dont think any one iwll drive his car to training pls pls i love the team am not happy as they way things is going so pls pls love the team so much wish my team best bye

stanley, accra
I am also suggesting that our vehicle can also go rounds to their various houses to pick them to the training ground and after training send them back to their houses or we have to camp them to build cohession and team work.Meanwhile anything management will decide we will support them fully.May God help us in Jesus name Amen.

i agree with mgt 100percent 4 dat decision

stephen ofosu usa

I do agree with the management on the measures taken on the players because without decipline you can not archive anything. Any player who feels so big to join the team bus to the training grouds should find his way.I quite remember in the 70's & 80's some of the players use to trot from their homes to the training just to gain stamina but today they own's their own cars and they don't care about anything. They play for their money not for the love of the club.