tiGO shares in Kotoko’s glory - Kotoko-tiGO seal deal

The conferment of Africa's club of the century title on Fantabulous Asante Kotoko FC and the presentation of the award on 1st February this year is gradually taking up the news hold for at least the next months.

Whilst supporters continue to enjoy and celebrate the award, it can be reported with authority that fans will have their joy heightened as corporate sponsors of the yet to be crowned African lords, tiGO, have joined in the sharing of the glory.

At Asante Mampong last Saturday, the brands manager for the telecoms giant, Nana Ampratwum, expressed the joy of his organization for the success that the club has chalked.

According to him, tiGO chose to give Kotoko an exclusive partnership and sponsorship because Kotoko has a great historical tradition to be proud of “and this award has really confirmed our decision, and given us a thumb up for the fact that we did not in any way err in our sponsoring Kotoko”.

As a brands man who knows what exactly the award means and the benefits it can bring the club and her sponsors, he shared his expertise.

“The African club of the century award is a huge thing that should not in any way be underestimated or toyed with by anyone, at the face value; we are talking of a hundred years of unsurpassed achievements and honours”.

“What this means is that, Kotoko has made history that will take at least fifty years for any Ghanaian club to catch up. It also means that in terms of football achievement, Kotoko is the biggest brand on the continent now”.

“This is the more reason why as corporate sponsors, we at tiGO are so happy to be part if the Kotoko family and so have the right to share in the success of our partners in football”.

“tiGO and Kotoko’s relationship has always been a win-win one and with Kotoko winning such a prestigious award, it means we all have won and as such would celebrate it with all the pecks the award deserves”.

Though he remained tight-lipped over what tiGO intends to do with the award, he was quick in adding that for now, tiGO was going to share in the glory and bragging rights that the award brings.

“One other thing I can hint is that, tiGO will give supporters of Kotoko a big opportunity to celebrate the award”.

Commenting on the general performance of the team in the 2009/10 Glo premier league, Nana Ampratwum opined that Kotoko was not lying at a comfortable position on the league, but was sure the second round will have a different story to tell.

“Kotoko went through a similar problem in the second round of last season and we were all witnesses to the splendid performance they put up with nine matches to go to the end of the season”

“Though I am not advocating for the repetition of the near heart-breaking moments, I must say that in times like these, we only hope and wish that they bring that spirit to bear in the second round”.

Having expressed his hopes in the team, he also shared a word of advise with the fans, whom he described as being very supportive of the tiGO brand.

“We at tiGO are not oblivious of the huge contribution the supporters of Kotoko are making to our partnership. I however want to say that we still have more room for expansion in terms of their patronage of our products”.

“the more they patronize our products, the better sponsorship packages we would be able to put at the table for the club”.